The battery challenge

Cables are messy, batteries are bulky, you forget to charge them, you don't always carry them with you and your phone drains out of battery when you need it.

GOkey can charge itself and your phone on the go with its battery backup and USB charging cable built in. Life on the GO is changed forever!

GOkey's battery will keep you going for up to 2 hours. In most situations, that is enough time to get you somewhere to fully charge your phone.

When GOkey charges your phone, its LED light is orange and it turns green when it is done charging. If the battery is bellow 20% it goes red.

You always carry keys, phone, wallet, right? By being small enough for your key-ring, GOkey always stays with you.

Plug it in and resume whatever it was you were doing.

Charging Cable

GOkey is a portable handy USB cable.

GOkey's battery will charge itself after your phone has been charged. That way, the more you use it as a cable, the better it is.

You can use it to sync your phone with your computer as well.

A smart device

First and foremost, we wanted to create a simple and beautiful device that solves your charging needs. GOkey gives you some juice when you need it and is practical enough to use as an everyday USB charging and syncing cable.

But we didn't stop there. We wanted to make this device smart and connected. A truly worthy key-ring companion.

GOkey connects with the phone through bluetooth, with a radius of up to 100 feet.

FIND YOUR KEYS: When you misplace your keys, the phone app will display the signal strength from GOkey. The signal will get stronger as you get closer. Once you get close enough to your keys, press the button in the app and make GOkey ring, so you can find them.

FIND YOUR PHONE: We usually forget where we left our phone. After all, that is the device we carry around and use the most. GOkey is connected to it. With a click of its button, the phone will ring so you can find it.


GOkey App remembers the last location of your keys.


Click once with GOkey to take a picture with your phone's native app.


When you plug GOkey to a laptop its battery will start charging. Press its button and a little icon will appear on your Mac or your PC. It is the GOkey flash drive.

Click it and drag in and out, music, videos, photos and files. You can select between 32GB, 64GB, 128GB.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the battery size of GOkey?

GOkey has a size battery of 835 mAh. It is meant to be used as an emergency supply to keep you going for a couple of hours. Once you get to a USB, you can use GOkey as a cable to give your phone a charge.

Why didn't you put a bigger battery like other back ups?

We want GOkey to give a substantial phone battery boost and yet be unobtrusive on your keychain. The ideal balance is the goal.

Will GOkey make my phone ring if it is on silent?

Yes, GOkeys double click will bypass silent mode and ring your phone

What is the range of the Bluetooth?

Bluetooth range is typically around 100 feet or 30 meters

Will I be notified if my battery is running low?

GOkey shares its battery level with the phone. It can let you know when it is fully charged and when its battery is running low.

Will GOkey work with my iPhone case?

We know how annoying it can be to have to remove your case, just to plug in your phone, so we kept the port small to fit with all cases.